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Memories decoding

This is the right moment to untie the memories of the body (cell memories), the family nodes (transgenerational memories) and karmic (karmic memories).

It is important first to understand that our physical body is the condensed part of a tangled energetic body.

Our four main bodies are :

  • the mental body

  • the emotional body

  • the etheric body

  • the physical body.

They carry programs or "engrams" of our conscious or unconscious memories... which come to us from our genealogical or genetic inheritance, from the different conscious or unconscious emotional "shocks" which are inscribed since the first minute of life in the belly of our mother and throughout our existence and our past lives.

Cells memories

All the events, all the emotional and / or physical shocks that have taken place from conception to the present day are inscribed in the cells and will create disturbances both psychically and physically that will lead to organic, structural or psychic dysfunctions.

For example : A pregnant woman has a cold that she will eradicate by various means (drugs, homeopathy, etc ...). The cold itself is no longer present. However the memory of this cold can remain present in the body of this future mother and her baby or fetus.

The baby can develop a pathology in adulthood in relation to a virus that he has never been confronted with but which is the memory of the virus contracted by his mother while she was pregnant with him.

It can be the memory of a virus but it can be a psychological memory like that of a mourning that the mother would have undergone during her pregnancy or when the child was a child so a death that the child has suffered too. One or more events (death, loss of employment, separation, etc ...) will then reactivate these memories that will create chronic or serious psychic or physical pathologies.

All the happy and unhappy events that have been experienced are recorded, as "engrammed", in what is called "cellular memory", even before our first breath in the womb ... and, of course, all the traumas experienced consciously . Cell memories are the memories that accumulate in our body from our conception until today

Transgenerational memories

These are the baggage we carry from our paternal and maternal lineages.

The fears, the failures, the traumas, the unspoken ones, the secrets lived by our ancestors and transmitted in an unconscious way from generation to generation.

These transgenerational memories can go back very far in the family tree and lead to patterns of repetitions that seem normal "it has always been like that in my family" or "All men in my family for generations have cholesterol" etc. ..

The purpose of the work on these memories is therefore to go back to the source of this memory, of this conscious or unconscious fatality and to cut, to stop this repetition, to transcend this heritage so that it does not mark, does not influence our life.

Karmic memories

Karmic memories come from our previous lives and are printed in our cells.

A karmic memory is a soul injury linked to another line of the past, and acts as an energetic node that manifests itself in our present on our physical body or our subtle bodies.

It has the effect in this life of limiting us, of preventing us from advancing in ourselves now in a system of autopilot responding to old unconscious programs, but which prevent us from being the true pilots of our life.

The majority of our meetings, our relationships, whether family or social, are for the purpose of learning that we have chosen to live.

This is not usually the first time we meet these souls. In the vast majority of cases we have already encountered them in other incarnations and these interactions have allowed us to start learning.

This incarnation presents in some circumstances an echo of past wounds. If we are allowed to meet them again, it is very often to allow us to continue this learning by repairing injuries sustained or inflicted.

As long as these karmic memories are not regulated, liberated, they bring back to us identical vibrations that push us to live and to relive the same situations, the same patterns, undergoing the same sufferings, the same failures ... the story repeating itself.


It is not a question of karmic sanction but of a chance of evolution

Trained to clean these memories, I can help you free yourself from all these memories that hinder your life, prevents you from moving forward and participate in the non-functioning of your body and your psyche ...

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Maya Poussière : Biorésonance, techniques de chiropraxie, ostéopathie animale, ostéopathie équine, communication animale intuitive, magnétisme, décodage (libération) des mémoires. France / Suisse

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