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Manual therapist and energetic, trained in chiropractic techniques BEST and KST as well as in Bioresonance (according to Paul Schmidt), I use all these techniques and magnetism in order to better deal with the different problems that face people coming to consult me, that these problems are structural (back blocked, tendinitis, lumbago, herniated discs, etc ...), energetic (fall of form, migraines, decrease of libido, side effects of medical treatments, etc ...) and / or emotional (depression, disorders of the mood, difficulties to overcome a mourning, various phobias, etc ...).


The decoding of memories is also part of my skills and can be used to trace the "chain of the whys" of a problem or disease and ensure the resolution of the knot, the root causes of the problem.


I also provide follow-up for people at the end of life to relieve their physical and mental pain through the various techniques mentioned above.


CHILDREN also benefit from my skills and seem to particularly appreciate the different techniques used (post-delivery visit, growth monitoring, dental push, skin problem, difficult adolescence, learning disability and many more) ).

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N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour tout complément d'information : Maya Poussière

Suisse : 079 913 93 35

France : 06 60 59 84 89 

Mail :

Veuillez noter que nos conseils et informations ne peuvent remplacer la visite chez un médecin. Sachez par ailleurs, que la médecine officielle en France n'accepte, ni ne reconnaît les effets des fréquences bioénergétiques jusqu'à présent.

Maya Poussière : Biorésonance, techniques de chiropraxie, ostéopathie animale, ostéopathie équine, communication animale intuitive, magnétisme, décodage (libération) des mémoires. France / Suisse

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